Are you looking to sell your house or any other property for a good price but your marketing efforts not bringing the desired result for you? Well, selling your property may not always be as easy as you think. There are several factors that can affect the sale of your property, making it harder than you expected. Here we discuss some of them.

Your property is not priced right

Placing a high price tag on your property is not going to benefit you in any way. Though you may feel the house is worth that much, a high price will keep it on the market without getting any buyer for it. Before putting your property for sale in the market, a considerable amount of research and work need to be done to get the price right for your property.

Before pinning a price on it, compare your price with other available properties in the same location as yours and ensure it is not too exorbitant. By quoting a lower price, you will catch the greater interest and the subsequent competition among buyers can help you get a better price.

Your property needs renovation

If your property is completely out-of-date then getting someone to buy it will certainly not be easy. However, you can start the selling process by making a few necessary renovations so that prospective buyers find it appealing.

If you are planning to sell your house, simple things like putting a fresh coat of paint on it or making sure the bathroom and kitchen are in working and good conditions can increase the chance of selling your property fast. Also, make sure that all repair jobs like leaky taps or creaky doors are taken care of before showing the house to people.

The presence of pets can be a deterring factor

Sometimes homes or property with pets often doesn’t sell quickly. Pets tend to leave behind them not just a certain odour but also pet stains. Though pet owners may be used to this, for a person who doesn’t own a pet these things are seen as undesirable. There are ways to sell your home even as a pet owner. While showing your property to the potential buyers try to keep your pets out of their sight.


It would be best to leave them elsewhere during the showings. If this is not possible, keep them contained in the innermost part of the house so that they don’t bite people or make themselves comfortable on your furniture in the presence of buyers.

Bad neighbours can reduce the desirability of your home

If you are searching for a place for your home, you would certainly be interested in the kind of people lives in the neighbourhood. Remember neighbours always play an important role in the sale of your property.

If you have abusive or noisy neighbours, it is best to pre-inform potential buyers about this so if they really want the house, certain measures can be taken to deal with bad neighbours.

Your estate agent not doing a good job

When looking to sell your property, don’t leave the reigns entirely to your real estate agents. If your agent is not good enough, it will negatively impact the saleability of your home. Agents make money by selling more places so they may not always be interested in getting the best price for you.

This is why you should make sure you have the right agent on the job. Pick a real estate agent who is professional and well-groomed and has proper negotiating skills.

The listing to showcase your property may lack appeal

When you list your property on any real estate website, you have to show it in the best light so that your listing appeals to prospective buyers. Language and description you use in your property listing can affect the process of selling. You can increase the chance of selling your property quickly by showcasing some of the best pictures of your property with a front view and with the right type of description of your property.


Selling your property will only come easy when all factors are in your favour. So if you want to put your property up for the sale in the market, make sure you have avoided or taken care of all of the above factors and get a buyer in no time.